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Brick Fundraiser

Raising money with a brick fundraiser involves donors to sponsor fundraising bricks that will be used to build a wall, patio, sidewalk, or other type of indoor or outdoor structures . Donors subside a pre-set dollar amount to have a text engraved on a commemorative brick that will be used in the construction of any personalized brick project .The engraved bricks can help communities,schools,  churches, universities, churches, hospitals to raise funds to build a new facility or any new building project that needs an influx of money.

Brick fundraising campaigns are popular with many people for different reasons. Engraved  bricks are usually available for sponsorship at an affordable price, so it's possible for donors who don't have a lot of money to be part of the brick fundraiser. The sales price could start at $100 and go up to $1000 depending on the organization and the donor's capacity to give out money.The difference between the selling price of the engraved brick and the price you paid by us is your net profit.

Many brick contributors buy bricks to be engraved with their own names or their family members names. Other benefactors purchase engraved bricks in memory of a dear loved one who can be a friend or a relative. The motives to buy an engraved brick are different for each individual, but the results are always beneficial to your non-profit organization.

Polarengraving has worked and is working with non profit organizations like Veterans groups who raise funds in every State to build  Veterans Memorial walls where many engraved names are inscribed on memorial bricks or memorial tiles.

We ship your personalized engraved bricks within one week.

Memorial wall in McClelland, Iowa